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Our Symposium is chalk full of local experts. Check them out below.

Mark E. Wight, J.D. 

Attorney and Founder, Idaho Estate Planning

Mark, Founder and President of Idaho Estate Planning, is passionate about helping families plan for their futures. Mark has a degrees in philosophy and environmental studies from Utah State University and a law degree from the J. Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University.

 An expert on estate and legacy planning as well as asset protection and tax planning, he has co-authored several manuals for attorneys in the areas of Probate Administration, Estate and Estate Tax Planning, and Asset Protection. His book, “Get Real: Planning for Life, Death, and Disability” is available on Mark is also an often requested speaker and facilitator on the same topics.

 Mark and his wife of 41 years reside in Boise and have six children, and five grandchildren. 

Event Host and Panel Mediator

Paying for Care and Downsizing: Wednesday @ 1:30 pm

Putting the Oxygen Mask in First: Thursday @ 10:00 am 

Dee Childers

Owner and Professional Aging Life Care™ Manager, Life Changes Elder Care Consulting

 Dee Childers, owner and Professional Aging Life Care™ Manager, is certified by the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers (CMC). Dee started Life Changes in May of 2012 after personally experiencing the complex and often confusing world of senior care.

Dee has a BS in Psychology and a MS in Marriage and Family Therapy. She comes to this profession with 30 years in corporate America as a Human Resources Executive with extensive experience in interpersonal dynamics, crisis management, conflict resolution, mediation, benefits, and health and safety. She worked for six years in several non-profits and private practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist. She has been a caregiver for over ten years, including to her own parents and understands the demands and emotional turmoil of caregiving and the tolls it takes on you, your aging loved one and the family. 

Dee is a court ordered Guardian and Conservator, with experience with the legal and medical systems.  She is a certified Elder Mediator and volunteers for the Alzheimer’s Association facilitating the Early Stage Support Group. She is a certified Advance Care Plan facilitator. Dee has served on the board of Idaho Guardians and Fiduciary Association since 2012 served as President for 2018 & 2019. She previously served on the board for Friend in Action, a non-profit providing respite caregiving, JAVA, the Justice Alliance for Vulnerable Adults, and IHCA Foundation. She is a member of the professional association, Aging Life Care Association®.

Coming Up With “The Plan”: Thursday @ 1:00 pm

Gerald Bosen

Executive Director, Life Care Centers of the Treasure Valley

Bio Coming Soon

The Crisis: From “The Fall” and “The Call” to Coming Home: Wednesday, October 13th @ 10:00 am


Kimberly Ouwehand

Director of Community Relations, Terrace Health

Kimberly Ouwehand is the Director of Community Relations for Terrace Health.

She received her certification in Value-Based Healthcare at Boise State University and is active on several boards and community healthcare organizations, including Idaho Health Continuum of Care Alliance, Justice Alliance for Vulnerable Adults, Idaho Guardian and Fiduciary Association, and Idaho Caregiver Alliance. She is an Idaho ambassador for the Forum of States with the National Association for Home Care. She is the founder of Smart workshops that brings education to caregivers throughout the Treasure Valley and the director of “The Teal Chair” documentary.

Kimberly worked for hospice for eight years before joining Terrace Health and advocates for quality of life and choice. She has a unique perspective on healthcare and is passionate about its impact on people’s lives.

The Crisis: From “The Fall” and “The Call” to Coming Home: Wednesday, October 13th @ 10:00 am

Justin Walker

Managing Partner and Wealth Management Specialist, Adalant Financial

Justin Walker got his start in the financial services industry as a personal banker – first at JP Morgan Chase, and later at Bank of America. As he rose through the ranks into management, he yearned for the independence he had experienced as an entrepreneur in his youth. In 2008, Justin left banking to pursue a financial services practice under the umbrella of a large national brand.

His practice grew at a fast pace, largely because of his sincere desire to be of service to anyone who needed help.

Justin works with individuals and families to help create a legacy for today and for generations to come. For business owner clients, this translates to thinking and planning for business succession. Justin is very knowledgeable about estate planning, and also specializes in designing tax favorable retirement income strategies.

Outside of work, Justin is equally passionate about the health and wealth of the local community. He is active in the Chamber of Commerce, he donates time and money to local educational initiatives, participates in his children’s after school sports activities, and spends a significant amount of time active in his faith-based community. “I’m a firm believer in treating others as I would want to be treated, so I strive to be as generous as I can be in every sphere of my life,” he says.

Originally from Payette, Idaho, Justin attended Indiana University, South Bend, where he studied Business Administration. He resides in Emmett, with his wife, Erin, and their three children.

Paying for Care and Downsizing: Wednesday, October 13th @ 1:30 pm

Erin Olsen

Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Program Specialist, Idaho Commission on Aging

Erin has a long-standing connection with health and wellness, starting as a teenager volunteering more than 1,100 hours at St. Luke’s and St. Alphonsus hospitals in Boise. She worked as a certified nursing assistant while attending Idaho State University’s nursing program. After the birth of her son, Erin recognized another passion and talent in technology. Erin founded and managed PCKeys Technology Solutions for 26 years. During this time, she maintained her connections to healthcare. Clients ranged from small urban clinics like Idaho nephrology to large rural health systems like Yukon-Kuskokwim Health with a medical center and services for 58 frontier villages scattered across Southwest Alaska. From those engagements Erin learned about the powerful impact of isolation and loneliness on people and their communities. During that time Erin earned two master’s degrees in Education. Her experiences culminated in her current work with the Idaho Commission on Aging (ICOA).

 In 2017 Erin joined ICOA where she is able to utilize her varied background, interests, and skills to develop and manage programs that promote interventions to assist Idahoans in aging successfully. In 2018, Erin addressed the impacts of loneliness and isolation on older adults on Idaho Public Radio’s Idaho Matters. She also developed ICOA’s Isolation-Induced Depression and Suicide in Older Adults  content in 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic was just beginning. Erin currently manages four programs: Disease Prevention & Health Promotion, Homemaker, Chore, and Transportation. In doing so, she addresses factors that impact how older adults can stay healthy, stay safe, stay informed, and stay at home, allowing them to age in their communities of choice.  Erin currently serves on the Idaho Inclusive Emergency Coalition and is awaiting appointment to the Idaho Suicide Prevention Council. Through her work, Erin aspires to contribute to enhancing the positive outcomes associated with aging in Idaho.

Lessons in Aging from COVID-19: Thursday, October 14th @11:00 am


Mary Holden

Community Liaison, Boise State University Center for the Study of Aging

Mary Holden holds a degree in Social Work and a Graduate Certificate in Gerontology from Boise State University. Mary is also a Senior Real Estate Specialist with Red Pheasant Realty.  She has a passion for helping older adults and their families work through the daunting process of transitioning to a new living situation. Mary serves as a senior advocate with leadership roles in both the Idaho Caregiver Alliance and the Justice Alliance for Vulnerable Adults.  Mary is a member of the Family Caregiver Navigator Project team working on a two year pilot project helping caregivers through their caregiving journey. She works with a network of organizations and individuals to expand opportunities for respite for caregivers and to prevent elder abuse through action and education. 

Understanding Your Support System and How To Ask For Help: Thursday @ 12 pm 

Melissa Radloff

Program Director, Aging Strong Programs at Jannus

Melissa Radloff is the Director of three projects known collectively as the Aging Strong Programs under the non-profit Jannus.  Aging Strong Programs offer older adults opportunities to share their skills and experience through fulfilling volunteer positions; providing tutoring in schools or as support to family caregivers.  Through the Legacy Corps Program, volunteers provide respite and companionship to military connected families and lead Powerful Tools for Caregivers Classes.  Since 2011 Melissa has witnessed the power of these relationships in helping both volunteers and families remain independent and healthy as they age and care.

Melissa’s education in Recreation Therapy led her to a variety of rewarding positons across the country before landing in Idaho in 1994… and never left!  She has lived mostly in Boise, except for her five years in the Palouse raising her son and trying her hand as a rancher.  She enjoys volunteering at Horse and Halo and looks forward to the new outdoor activities each season change brings in Idaho.

Understanding Your Support System and How To Ask For Help: Thursday @ 12 pm

Ashley Szechy

Regional Business Development Manager, Family Resource Home Care

My name is Ashley Szechy and I have been with Family Resource Home Care going on two years now. My role as the Regional Manager of Business Development is to build partnerships with professionals who help support the lives of seniors throughout our community. The goal of everything we do is to provide people with reliable in-home care and companionship so that they can continue to live at home in safety and comfort.

Is it Time to Bring In Outside Help: Friday @ 12:00 pm

Kathy Lacina

Community Outreach Specialist, Oasis Senior Advisors

 Kathy Lacina is a community outreach specialist for senior living communities.   Most recently, she was the Sales Director for Revel Eagle, an over 55 senior living community in Eagle, ID. Her career has spanned decades of working in the retail and technology industries. She entered the senior care industry and discovered her passion for serving the seniors in the Treasure Valley. Her positions in home and health care have given her an added perspective on the challenges that seniors face as they continue on their life journey. Her position as sales director at Revel allowed her to draw from all those experiences when helping seniors find their forever home.

 Kathy has served on several committees relating to senior care in the Treasure Valley including Idaho Guardians and Fiduciary Association, HAPPEN, Idaho Health Continuum of Care Alliance and

Is it Time to Bring In Outside Help: Friday @ 12:00 pm 

Eric Collett

Principal & CEO, A Mind For All Seasons

Eric Collett, Principal & CEO of A Mind For All Seasons, LLC, is a nationally recognized speaker, consultant and dementia expert, a licensed ALF administrator, and teaches about dementia at the college level. Eric passionately believes that lifelong learning is a key to finding powerful new solutions to significant challenges and has worked since 2000 to change lives through innovative dementia care techniques and leadership strategies. Prior to starting A Mind For All Seasons, Eric worked in traditional assisted living as a program director and executive director for 9 years, then spent almost seven years as the Executive Director of a memory care community where he developed innovative approaches to person-centered care that made a significant difference in how persons living with dementia experience the world. Eric has served on the board of the Idaho Healthcare Association and currently chairs the education committee. He previously served as a board member and chairman of Alzheimer’s Idaho, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

As a public speaker and trainer, Eric has taught thousands of students, nurses, social workers, CNAs, administrators, families, and many others how to understand and interact with persons living with dementia. Eric currently teaches as an adjunct instructor in the Department of Community and Environmental Health at Boise State University and as an instructor at the College of Western Idaho. He has also presented to groups large and small on diverse topics like leadership, activity programming, customer service, team building, emotional intelligence, music history, poetry and astronomy.

Mental and Emotional Health: Friday @ 11:00 am 

J.P. Benlian

Owner, Oasis Senior Advisors

My wife, Lisa, and I have been in the Treasure Valley area for well over 20 years. We came here for a week’s vacation in the summer of 1995 and decided this was the place we wanted to raise our family. Three kids and 25 years later, this community has been an amazing place to call home!

Until now, I have spent my career in sales, helping world-class brands achieve their business goals through technology. Now my goal is to leverage that experience and help families and seniors during difficult and stressful times. I’ve learned first-hand the challenges families face when considering their options. I am committed to honoring and supporting our seniors and their families during this time of transition by providing them a trusted resource that is committed, with their best interest first and foremost.

In my free time, I teach adaptive snow skiing to people with intellectual and physical disabilities at Bogus Basin with B.A.S.E. (Boise Adaptive Snowsport Education) as well as serve on their Board of Directors. Additionally, I coach golf with our local Special Olympics Ghostbusters Team.

Lessons in Aging from COVID 19: Thursday @ 11:00 am 

Mark J. Fuller, MSN, RN

Owner, The Care Management Team

Bio Coming Soon

The Crisis: From “The Fall” and “The Call” to Coming Home: Wednesday, October 13th @ 10:00 am

Kimberly Clark

Executive Director, Edgewood Spring Creek Ustick

My name is Kimberly Clark. I have been in the healthcare industry for over 30 years. I have been a manager for Home care, worked in Social Services and admissions in a skilled nursing facility, and 10 years ago I opened Edgewood Spring Creek Ustick as their Executive Director. I have thoroughly enjoyed being the administrator for this building. It has been a challenge for some of my residents who have had to make the choice to leave their home, however, they have found a new way of living and making friends along the way.  They know that they can no longer live independently so they embrace the new beginning. I love to see the smiles on their face when they all come back and say this is the best decision I or my family has made.

An Introduction to the Care Landscape: Wednesday, October 13th @ 12:30 pm

Jodi Wilks

Licenced Clinical Social Worker, First Choice Home Health and Hospice

Bio Coming Soon

10 Surprises When You Become or Need A Caregiver: Wednesday, October 13th @ 11:30 am

Nate Benjamin

Owner and Marketing VP, Homewatch Caregivers

Nate Benjamin joined his business partner, Eric Wallentine, shortly after Eric opened Homewatch CareGivers of Idaho in 2009 to help him develop a company to provide high quality, compassionate care to people in our community who need caregiving services. What Nate enjoys most about his work is helping families find the care and resources they need to provide for their loved ones. Meeting one on one with families, gaining their trust and consulting with them to provide solutions is what he enjoys the most! He also enjoys working with the many community partners who share a passion for doing what’s right and assisting those in need. Nate has a bachelor’s degree in business from Boise State University. After spending 15 years in the high tech industry and traveling abroad he was ready for a change to stay home and be more involved in the local community. When he’s not at work, Nate loves spending time with his wife, four children, and two grandchildren. He loves the outdoors and the beautiful Idaho mountains. He also enjoys serving in his church in various capacities.

10 Surprises When You Become or Need A Caregiver: Wednesday, October 13th @ 11:30 am

Jalene Wells

Social Worker, Meadow View Social Services

16+ years working in Hospice and 21 years in the Healthcare Industry, I have a love for seniors and Hospice care and find it a privilege to bring help and hope to families facing end of life.  I am a champion for Veterans having grown up as an Air Force “Brat” and having a spouse and 2 Sons who are now Veterans.  I am so grateful for those who willingly gave of their time and lives so we can enjoy our freedom

An Introduction to the Care Landscape: Wednesday, October 13th @ 12:30 pm

Det. Ashley Turner

Major Crimes Detective, Ada County Sheriff’s Office

Detective Ashley Turner began her law enforcement career in 2012 in Bakersfield, California. She transferred to the Meridian Police Department before becoming a Major Crimes Detective with the Ada County Sheriff’s Office. Ashley earned her Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Walden University and has completed over a thousand hours working directly with women and children victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault as part of the educational program.

She has investigated a myriad of criminal cases involving a variety of populations and victims. Within the elderly community specifically, she has investigated many cases where the victim experienced fraud, extortion, online scams, dating scams and other types of manipulation style crimes. Many times, education and explanation can truly prevent people from becoming a victim, especially in the community of those who may be less familiar with current crime trends. She believes in helping and protecting people who may not have the ability to help or protect themselves.

Elder Abuse Prevention: Thursday, October 14th @ 2:00pm

Yvette Saiz Primero

Navigator, Family Caregiver Navigator

Yvette’s role at the Southwest Idaho Area on Agency on Aging (A3SSA) in Meridian, is to provide multilingual services to underserved populations in Southwest Idaho.  Services can entail anything from Consumer Direct Respite care to locating various health specific community supports in their preferred spoken language.  In the month of October, she will be facilitating the first Spanish language Powerful Tools as Caregivers in Idaho.

 Yvette is a native Idahoan and Mexicana.  Her family has a traditional multi-generational structure.  Her family originally came to Idaho over 50 years ago from Mexico and New Mexico as agricultural workers.  She is currently raising her three children here, continues to care for her parents in different capacities as they age actively, and until very recently, she enjoyed spending time with her maternal grandmother.  She considers being able to see her children learn from and care for their great-grandmother as an irreplaceable gift that has been given to her and her family.

 Besides her focus on family, she enjoys reading a good historical fiction, visiting family, and spending time in nature.  She also regularly participates in various grassroots advocacy efforts within her community that promote Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) culture and inclusion.  She has a background in Business Management, Gender Studies, Sociology, and Mediation.  She is a Qualified Medical Interpreter in the State of Idaho.

Understanding and Navigating the Challenges of Multigenerational Living and Aging: Friday, October 15th @ 10:00 am

Carmen Becker

Garden Plaza at Valley View

Bio Coming Soon

Preventing a Future Crisis: Friday, October 15th @ 1:00 pm